Welcome to the Miramichi River Runners 2022 Season

Updated Saturday December 3,2022 at 2:13 pm

Time Remaining before our next 5km FUN race on

January 1,2023. Prediction Your time (No Cost No Points-Just Fun)

Recreation Centre NOT open on January 1,2023

Hey runners, the MRR executive is very excited to announce some changes for next year!  In 2023, we will have 14 races that count for points, and 4 fun runs (no points) added into the mix.

Beginning in January 2023, the points system will be simplified. All points accumulated in head to head races will count toward your point total.  At the end of the year, those runners with the most points will win their respective age categories (and we haven’t forgotten prizes for 2nd and 3rd places too!).

You must run at least 7 races to qualify for awards, but the more races you attend, the more points you gain. If one of your competitors doesn’t show up, it’s zero points for them that day!  And don’t forget, if you participate in all 14 races you will win one of our fabulous MRR Ironman hats.

Virtual runners, you are also esteemed members of the MRR and we are pleased to announce we have decided to keep the virtual races going!  Although virtual races in 2023 will no longer qualify for points or awards, you will still have the opportunity to qualify for one of our coveted MRR Ironman hats if you complete all 14 races.  Your race results will be posted, and you will continue to have the support and encouragement of the MRR online community. We love seeing your posts and pics, so keep them coming! 


Q. I’m an MRR runner who sometimes races virtually and sometimes head to head. Can I still win an MRR Ironman hat?

A. First of all, please do join us in person when you can!  We are a friendly and supportive group who enjoy the social aspect of running as much as the competition. To answer your question, all races whether virtual or head to head will count toward the coveted Ironman hat.

Q. How is this new point system different from what we do now?

A. Currently we count your top 10 races and drop the points from any lower races. In 2023, all head to head races will count toward your point totals. (You must run a minimum of 7 races to qualify for awards.)  If you compete in 8 races and finish in first place, you accumulate 400 points (8 x 50 = 400). If someone else in your age group competes in all 14 races and places third in each one, they will accumulate 588 points (14 x 42 = 588) and win the age category.

Q. Why so much math?

A. It is the foundation of life, the universe and…uh, numbers.