Welcome to the Miramichi River Runners 2020 Season

Updated Tuesday July 28,2020 at 2:46 am



• Runners MUST pre-register. Registration closes July 18. NO RUNNERS can register on the day of the race.

• Register on line at www.runnb.ca. The deadline is NOON SATURDAY, July 18.

• The virtual race will continue as it has in the past. Run it the day of the race, email the photo of your watch showing the results to Brian Richard at scorbord@icloud.comthat same day. You can post images to our Facebook page if you want.

• Runners running on the course in Miramichi MUST sign a waiver and health declaration (saying your health is OK) at the registration desk before the start of the race.

• We can only accept runners on the Miramichi course from the Atlantic bubble, or those who have completed 14 days of isolation.

• All runners MUST BRING THEIR OWN MASK and wear the mask before the race.

• You MUST keep your own time. There will NOT be a timekeeper.

• ONLY runners and volunteers allowed inside the roped off area.

• Washrooms available in the rink. ONLY runners and volunteers may use washrooms. Limit 3 people at one time. Hand sanitizer will be provided. Runners enter the front door of the LBA and exit using a side door when leaving the washroom. There will be NO WASHROOMS available after the race.

  1. Unfortunately, SPECTATORS cannot be welcomed at the race, less they remain in their vehicles.


• Runners MUST wear a mask when they START the race.

• There will be a staggered start. Fastest runners first. Groups of 5 leave every 10-15 seconds

• Runners CAN take off their mask during the race. Tuck it into your waistband, you’ll need it at the finish line.

• No spitting or snot rockets during the race please.

• Runners MUST wear a shirt for the entire race. No removing gear during the race.

• There will NOT be a water stop during the race. Bring your own water.

• If you’re passing a slower runner, please say “passing.” The slower runner should drift left. The faster runner should drift right, creating as much distance as is possible safely.

  1. If runners meet going in opposite directions, keep a safe distance apart when passing.


• Runners MUST wear a mask as soon as they finish the race.

• Runners MUST present their timing device to officials right after they finish.

• Runner MUST maintain the 6-feet social distance when presenting their timing device.

• There will be bottles of water after the race.

• There will NOT be food after the race.